04 Teachers in Africa and global citizenship education


Africa is a relative newcomer in terms of formal education and formal education systems. The number of teachers in Africa has grown nearly double time from 2000 to 2014. However, teachers in Africa are still facing to the large class size as well as very poor infrastructure. There are call for decolonizing, “Africanizing”, as well as shaking off the European heritage. Beside of that, the languages used in African school now are still the ex-colonial countries’ languages that the curricular is still reflecting the Northern more than acknowledging the natural and cultural heritage itself. Production of global citizens with global mindset to assume the continent rightful place on this unfolding world is the need urgently. It means going beyond the parameters of the natural and cultural heritage of Africa as well as seeing learning as a product of creative and constructive engagement from multiple viewpoints. In this way, the role of African teachers may be to lead fulfilling and dignified lives in the Global Community.

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